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The Five Triggers For Sexual Attraction

  • Attraction is an automated, emotional response. If you press the right buttons, even the most beautiful women can't help but feel an instant desire for you. 
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Reviews For The Five Triggers For Sexual Attraction:

  • Kevin R. - One of the most helpful, clarifying and straight-to-the-point pieces I have seen concerning sexual attraction.
  • Dan H. - Stellar examples of each point. The sexual tension section is gold. I've seen it time and time again.
  • Sumit V. - Subscribed, I gotta read more.
  • Tyler M. - This is one of the best and most easily applicable eBooks I've seen in a long time. The part about nervousness vs. excitement really resonates with me.
  • Sasha L. - Pure, meritorical gold. 
  • Jame H. - I love how you proved your points with scientific studies! Great eBook! 

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